Episode 160

Published on:

8th Aug 2022

Building Generational Family Wealth with Mitch Brooks

The hard work we put in today are all for the same dream that one day, our children, the next generation, will live a life far better off than where we stand today. In order to get to that future vision, we have to focus on our present direction.

In this episode I am joined by Angel Investor and General Partner of High Street Equity Partners, Mitch Brooks. We will talk about closing the equity gap and building family wealth for the future generations. 

Mitch shares detailed steps on how you can change your financial trajectory. We discussed the two key ways on how to address the gap, getting over the barrier of access to capital, debt and equity investment, home ownership and entrepreneurship, and more. All crucial steps to reach your financial goals and dreams for yourself and your family. 

It’s time that your dreams finally become your reality!


>> Defining the Equity Gap 

>> The gateways to change the financial picture for generations to come 

>> Getting over the barrier of access to capital

>> Venture capital 

>> Debt Investment vs. Equity Investment 

>> Giving a percentage of Equity of Ownership to the right partner/s

>> Private Equity 

>> The importance of Entrepreneurship in closing the equity gap especially for people of color

Connect with Mitch:

>> Instagram: https://instagram.com/mitchbrooks

>> Twitter: https://twitter.com/mitchbrooks

>> LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mabiv 

>> Linktr.ee: https://linktr.ee/mitchbrooks 

>> Email: grow@highstreetequity.com 

>> Website: https://www.highstreetequity.com/ 

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